ReadWrite Russian

ReadWrite Russian

ReadWrite Russian is a cost-effective program for learning the Russian language
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ReadWrite Russian is a cost-effective program for learning the Russian language. This software presents a comprehensive learning program divided into thirteen lessons, each displaying the following sections: Letters, Writing, Reading, Listening, and Multiple Choice. From the Letters category, we can learn a letter, view its pronunciation compared to an English word, view and listen to several examples (and their meanings, if any) for that letter (by itself, or in the initial, medium, and final position of a word). From the beginning, we are taught both the printed form and the cursive handwritten form. There is a wide range of exercises for us to practice listening comprehension (listen and click the correct answer, listen and type the right letter/word), and reading (we can record our pronunciation and compare to that of the native speaker). We can follow the step-by step program or select a letter/lesson/section at random. ReadWrite Russian lets us replay the native speaker's audio record, reset the score, and repeat the sections/exercises as many times as needed. We can evaluate the trial version that provides the first three lessons free of charge. There are other related shareware programs called Russian Flashcards, and Russian Dictionary to complement the education process.

Review summary


  • We can download the free evaluation version, or request a CD.
  • It can be used by absolute beginners.
  • Cost-effective program.
  • Native speakers' voices.
  • Auto progress


  • None
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